Cabinet Dentaire Barthélémy
Rue Juste-Olivier 8
1260 Nyon, Suisse

Treatment costs

Some of the rates applied

Treatment Rates
Appointment with a hygienist without x-ray examination package prices CHF 160.- adult and CHF 80.- children < 10 years
Appointment with a hygienist with x-ray examinations approx. CHF 200.-
Check up with a dentist approx. CHF 125.- - 170.-
Fitting an implant and crown between CHF 2600.- and CHF 3200.-
In office bleaching (zoom lamp) approx. CHF 600.-
Whitening product and tray approx. CHF 750.-
Composite onlay approx. CHF 1100.-
Ceramic crown approx. CHF 1600.-